Level Up launching 09.20.2019

Core System Conversion

LEVEL UP Launching 09.20.2019

Online Banking Login

Level Up Core Conversion Timeline

Farmers State Bank is dedicated to offering our customers the leading edge in technology, and we are committed
to providing a great banking experience. As part of those efforts, we are taking our core technology system to the
next level and undergoing a core system conversion on September 20th. This is a significant endeavor that we have
dedicated two years of extensive research to ensure that we are delivering an improved banking experience, with
innovation and security being a top priority.

We are anticipating a smooth transition; however there may be some disruption to your normal services. A detailed
timeline is featured below. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please be sure to review each of the following sections for an in depth description of how our services will be
affected and any actions you may need to take. Details will be available on our website and as always please feel
free to contact any member of our friendly FSB team with any questions you might have.

We appreciate your loyalty, trust, and patience as we LEVEL UP!


Your Farmers State Bank Family


  • All customers will be receiving new cards in the mail for all
    accounts prior to Thursday, September 19th.

    • Personal
    •  personal debit card
    • Business
    • Business Debit Card
    • HSA
    • HSA Debit Card
  • The last day to use your current FSB MasterCard Debit
    Card will be Wednesday, September 18th. Thursday,
    September 19th your new FSB MasterCard Debit Card will be
    automatically activated and ready to use. You will also receive
    a Personal Identification Number (PIN) in a separate mailing.
    If you choose to customize your PIN please call 507-373-1945
    beginning Monday, September 23rd.
  • ATM balance information will be unavailable from Thursday,
    September 19th through Monday, September 23rd.
  • If your card is ever lost, stolen, or damaged, after conversion,
    we will have the ability to issue you a new card instantly at our
    Albert Lea location.


  • Online banking will be unavailable after 12:00PM (Noon)
    on Thursday, September 19th until 12:00PM (Noon) on
    Monday, September 23rd. During that period, information
    about transactions or balances will be available by calling any
    of our locations during business hours.
  • Effective 12:00PM (Noon) Monday, September 23rd you
    will login to the upgraded online banking by going to our
    website as usual. (www.fsbmn.bank)
  • Your existing username will remain the same.
  • Your temporary password will be your existing username plus
    the last four digits of your social security number (SSN) or
    TIN. For example, if your username is jdoe and the last four of
    your SSN or TIN are 1234, then your temporary password is
  • You will be prompted to create a new password followed by
    selecting security questions and answers.

Please note: After the upgrade to our new Online Banking, you will
no longer be able to see transaction history prior to September 20th.
However, all transaction history can be viewed on statements. You will
have access to 15 months of statement history. We strongly encourage
you to externally save all statements prior to September 19th.


  • Last day to submit a bill payment will be Monday,
    September 16th.
  • Bill Pay will be unavailable from Tuesday, September 17th
    until Monday, September 23rd.
  • All Bill Pay information, including vendors and scheduled
    payments, WILL convert to the new Bill Pay. However, E-bills
    will need to be set up again.


  • Mobile banking will be unavailable Wednesday,
    September 18th through 12:00PM (Noon) on Monday,
    September 23rd.
  • Beginning Monday, September 23rd our new app will be
    available for download by searching “Farmers State Bank
    Hartland” in your app store. The new app will direct you
    through re-enrollment.
    — You will need to uninstall our old app and reinstall
    the new app.
  • Same great features of our current app with mobile deposit,
    bill pay, transfers, online statements, contact us, ATM locator,
    and more.
  • New Online & Mobile Banking features include:
    — Account alerts
    — Turn your debit card on/off with a touch of a button
    — New person to person payment
    — Money manager and budgeting tools
    — Deposit images available
    — E-mail notices
    — Access to FSB’s Facebook page
  • Mobile Banking


  • All accounts will receive a statement ending on September
    19th. You will also receive your normal statement based on
    your current statement cycle. This means some accounts
    may receive two statements for the month of September.
  • All accounts will be paid interest for the month of September.
  • Your statement will have a new design.
  • If you currently receive online statements, you will need
    to accept the online statement disclosure after Monday,
    September 23rd.