Chip Enhanced Debit Cards

With your Vantiv MasterCard® ATM/Chip Enhanced Debit Card you have the flexibility to make purchases without writing a check.
Simply present your card to any merchant who accepts MasterCard® and your purchase will be deducted automatically from your checking account. 

Your card can also be used at ATM's to withdraw cash or make other transactions. Plus, a detailed description of every card purchase and transaction you make appears on your regular, monthly checking statement. That helps you manage your money better because you know where you’re spending it.

What to know about your chip card
  • You are able to use your card just like before. Once retailers implement the use of chip technology, card terminals will prompt you to insert your card instead of swipe. If the terminal is not activated for chip technology there is still a magnetic stripe on the back of the card that you can use to swipe.
  • The microchip in your card helps protect against fraud. It creates unique transaction data when the card is used at chip-enabled terminals at stores and at ATM's. This makes the chip cards difficult to copy or counterfeit. 
  • At some retailers a PIN number or signature may also be required with the chip card transaction.
  • Chip cards are widely accepted internationally making it easier to for you to make purchases while traveling.
  • Please call 507-373-1945 with any further questions.

Ready Reserve
Add a Ready Reserve line of credit to your checking account to give you a convenient way to prevent overdrafts. It can also be used for a short term loan. When you overdraw your checking account, Ready Reserve automatically kicks money into your account to cover you. Ask for more information.

Money Orders

Notary Public

Wire Transfers

Direct Deposit

Safe Deposit Boxes (not FDIC insured)

Night Drop

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