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Why choose Farmers State Bank of Hartland for your personal credit needs?
  • At Farmers State Bank, we pride ourselves on being a lender you can trust with local decision making, and a commitment to guide our customers to value added credit financing products and service. Farmers State Bank has been a community bank for over 100 years and our lending staff has over 50 years of combined lending experience.
  • Our application process is quick and easy. Call or stop in our Albert Lea office and visit with our friendly home-town bankers. We make our decisions locally and respond to your request quickly. It is our sincere desire to make your loan experience a pleasant one! 
  • Flexible terms. Tailor-made solutions to suit your individual needs. We offer a wide variety of credit products and terms and want to help find the best fit-for you. 
  • We offer 24-hour service. You have the options of calling our knowledgeable and friendly staff during business hours, or inquiring about your loans through our on-line access to your loan information. All at no charge!
  • When you need to make a payment, you have more options including over the counter, drive up, online, or automatic deductions from your Farmers State Bank deposit account. Also, all of these options are free!

Reasons for Maintaining Good Credit

What does having a good credit rating mean?

  • A good credit rating indicates to potential creditors that you manage your debts responsibly and are likely to pay back your loans.
  • Even if you don’t think you’re likely to have a credit need for quite some time, it’s not too early to begin habits to keep your credit rating in good shape. 
  • With a good credit rating, it will be easier for you to obtain financing when you want to buy furniture, a car, maybe even your first house.
  • Renting an apartment may be easier. Good credit indicates to potential landlords that you are a person who is likely to pay rent on time.
  • Employers looking at prospective employees often check your credit. Responsible use of credit reflects well on your willingness to manage your job responsibly.
  • Strong credit references can create many financial opportunities. You may desire to open your own business venture someday.

Ways to improve your credit score:
  • Good credit comes from the smart managing of your money. By taking steps to control and stay on top of your finances you stand a much better chance of keeping a good credit record.
  • Make a budget and stick to it.
  • Track and review your spending and review what you track to find out how you can better control your spending, decrease your debt and build good credit for yourself.
  • Review your monthly expenditures with your checking account. Check for any discrepancies and if you find some, report them right away.
  • Pay your bills on time. Don’t skip any payments. Attempt to pay more than the minimum balance each month. Better yet, pay the balance in full to avoid finance charges. Pay the bill on or before the due date. Allow time for payments to arrive on time if sent in the mail. Allow adequate time for mail delivery. Or, set up payments to be automatically paid from a savings or checking account.
  • Don’t use more than your credit limit. It’s a good idea to keep at least a 15% cushion for emergencies.
  • Look at your credit report annually. It’s easy to check your credit report and doing so will help to insure there are no errors; if there are, you will be able to get them corrected sooner.

Free Annual Credit Report
Your credit report includes personal and employment information, payment history and reports records of any bankruptcies, lawsuits, garnishments or liens. It also reveals who has been inquiring about your credit.

A free annual credit report is now available by going to or by 
calling 877-322-8228.

Also, the same information is available by a mailed request to: 
Annual Credit Report Request Service
P. O. Box 105281
Atlanta, GA 30348-5281